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We focus on disputes involving high value damages and have extensive experience in litigation as well as international arbitration, including both commercial and investment treaty claims. This involves expert reports and testimony in the High Court and all the major international arbitration forums, including ICC, ICSID, LCIA and under UNCITRAL rules. We work with the leading law firms and chambers across a broad range of industries with particular experience in valuation and analysis of energy projects, financial services, and shareholder disputes


International Arbitration and Litigation

IEF has extensive experience in International Arbitration (including both commercial and investment treaty claims) and litigation having been engaged in some of the most complex and high-profile disputes of recent years. Our experts have provided testimony in all the major international arbitration forums, including ICC, ICSID, LCIA and under UNCITRAL rules and English High Court cases. We have dealt with assignments across Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Central Asia, North America and South America, and across a number of industries.

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Post-Transaction and Shareholder Disputes

Our experts have undertaken assessments of accounting irregularities and the impact of post-acquisition claims on the value of assets, and analysis of control and liquidity discounts as well as of premiums. Our thorough understanding of financial economic theory, experience with valuation and having a combination of economists, accountants and affiliated industry experts allows us to provide robust and defensible arguments on specialised topics.

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Financial Analysis and Forensic Accounting

IEF provides analyses of financial and accounting information to clients interested in gaining a better understanding of, for example: accounting and economic profitability of a company, investment or project; balance sheet metrics (capital adequacy, risk-adjusted return on capital, short- and long-term funding requirements); complex capital structures, company leverage, liquidity and solvency; and appropriate post-acquisition price adjustments under SPAs arising from discrepancies between expected and actual balance sheet or working capital values. Our experts have undertaken detailed accounting investigations and assessments of accounting irregularities arising in the context of dispute resolution, such as: interpretation of accounting standards and assessment of the propriety of accounting treatment for specific transactions under various accounting standard regimes; investigation and analysis of allegations of fraudulent or false accounting; and analysis and tracing of funds and transactions.

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Energy and Industrials

IEF has extensive experience in valuation and analysis of projects in energy, utilities and allied industries such as aluminium, cement and chemicals around the world. We have worked  on cases involving most areas of the energy industry: oil exploration and production, transportation, gas distribution, electricity networks, conversion of gas to diesel and fertilizer, coal production and conversion to diesel. Our combination of economists, accountants and affiliated industry experts allows us to apply a wide range of expertise in both small and large energy related asset valuations in the context of both transactions and disputes. Our team brings together specialists with a deep understanding of the sector and can develop the best valuation choices for a given situation.  Our experience in the sector,  allows us to assist clients and lawyers in most energy and allied industry matters.

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Financial Services and Securities

Securities and financial services disputes involve a wide range of technical and sector specific knowledge. We have dealt with securitisation disputes, unwinding of repo transactions, market abuse allegations and debt restructuring that have involved the analysis of equities, bonds, collateralised debt obligations, asset backed securities and debt markets. Our experts have provided evidence on the value of liquid and illiquid investments involving a wide range of financial assets in a number of contexts.